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Driade Contemporary Furniture

Driade has a philosophy to continually search for beauty in the modern home. They create distinctive, unconventional, diverse items, that still have a timeless and elegant feel to each one. Their products can be found in the home, garden and public spaces with complementary pieces of art that help bring a room together. Driade is an artistic workshop that collaborates with designers to create new trends and innovative products, that can sit comfortably in your home. This is what makes Driade unique.

Driade was created in 1968 by three individuals who each brought their own skill to the frame; Enrico Astori, the art director; Antonia Astori, a designer who also writes company’s architectural image and Adelaide Acerbi, who dictates the brand’s image and communication. They affirm themselves on the quality of Driade’s creativity by bringing a heavy style of industrial policy, aimed at innovation and three core designer elements: project planning, execution and advertising. This is what makes them influential in the home.

In its first five years Driade took a lot of inspiration from Italian design and its core beliefs, but also delved into the interpretation of a container type shape as an active tool in designing space. For example, the wardrobe became the wall so making use of maximum space. Through experimenting with new ideas and new interpretations of Italy’s design classics they quickly rose to success.

Throughout the 1980’s Driade, through the help of several designers such as Borek Sipek, Tokujin Yoshioka and Philippe Starck to name a few, produced an important collection of decorative objects in the living space, using material such as blown glass, silver and precious wood. This collaboration is why we have the multi-faceted company that they are today.

The 1990’s brought Milan showrooms that highlighted use of big spaced rooms, showcasing their catalogue of everyday use of furniture items through their artistic style of paintings and antiques. From this, a whole collection was created for their consumers, at affordable prices.

Tokujin Yoshioka’s debut at Driade Store in 2002 once again confirms how experimenting with new shapes and living solutions continued to be the vital spirit of the company. The following years show celebration in their collaborations and achievements. In 2008 Driade received the Compasso d’Oro for his MT3, a rocking chair designed by Ron Arad. The rotational molding of decorative elements in two-coloured material was achieved through a study in production technology.




One example where you can bring an element of design luxury to your own home, is the Frate dining table, available now at Klarity. Designer Enzo Mari has incorporated transparent crystal tops in this collection to coincide with steel section bases. Designed in 1973 it is still one of the most iconic and successful pieces produced.