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Miniforms Contemporary Furniture

Miniforms contemporary furniture brand brings onboard the skills of young talented designers to produce a varied, creative and unique style. As described by designer Giona Scarselli; Miniforms is a family that believes in ideas and has a distinct eclectic character.
Miniforms was brought to life in the 1970’s by Industria Veneta Tavolinetti, who originally specialised in small tables and furnishing accessories. Utilising their favoured materials of wood and glass, throughout the 1980’s they branched out from Italy and travelled Europe, looking to showcase their chairs, tables and bookcases. Miniforms popularity increased through its elegant and unpredictable style thus spreading a fresh, vibrant stamp around the world. Now you can easily find their colourful, avant-garde products in Melbourne skyscrapers, Madrid restaurants and London design studios.
Experimenting with creativity, culture and good design, Miniforms aim is to please and excite as many tastes and preferences as they can. Miniforms successfully produces simple, elegant contemporary furniture whilst ensuring that a family element is in each product. By supporting their designers to put their whole personality into their work, each piece is a natural extension of themselves.

There is a unique craftsmanship in each piece of modern furniture they produce, whilst also using large scale hi-tech machinery to keep up to date with modern manufacturing process. The balance of commitment and passion for uniqueness is why Klarity are pleased to supply Miniforms products, below are just a taste of what we offer.

A unique creation by designer Francesco Beghetto, the Decapo table brings an elegant and simple style to your décor. The Decapo table is an extendable or fixed dining table and has a minimalist style that is the very embodiment of world class design. A pleasant and narrow ‘V’ shape outline of the legs is what makes it distinctive.

The Aria table brings together the classic combination of design and mechanics. By utilising glass, Aria has a perfect balance of thin thickness and transparency. It has a fluid extendable system, that designer Andrea Lucatello no doubt sought inspiration from his industrial design background.

Acco wooden dining table
This elegant table has a base made entirely of wood, whilst the top is available in several materials; including wood and ceramic and Glass. Designer Florian Schmid has created an artistically robust table using twists in the struts. Schmid’s aim is to improve any surrounding environment and Acco has most certainly achieved this goal.

Bipede is a bi-product of the traditional table. It has a simple, clean design that leaves no room for misunderstanding. With an original design it boasts a distinguished structural base that gives it character.
Klarity offer a wide range of Miniforms products that will bring a modern elegance to your interior, to aid your individual and distinctive style.