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Normann Copenhagen

Founded in 1999, Normann Copenhagen has become one of the most popular Danish design houses in the world. Founders Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen consistently succeed in their mission to create original and innovative products, with a style that is both simple and contemporary.

Introducing the lamp Norm 69 to the design industry was the turning point for the designers; and the brand name: Normann Copenhagen was created.  Over the next 5 years a further 38 products were released as well as increased collaborations with established design names from around the world. It was only in 2009 that Normann Copenhagen began introducing furniture pieces with exciting and bold design products.

Normann Copenhagen designers use multiple materials, including glass, to create their individual and diverse expression. A Normann Copenhagen product is specific in its eye-catching design, form, colour and material.

Klarity offer a range of Normann Copenhagen products that can transform your living space into contemporary individualism.

A minimalistic collection of furniture for the living room by Normann Copenhagen, the Swell range, has a playful and light-hearted feel with an inviting look by its soft, curved silhouettes. Swell has an impressive range of 21 different colours, and available as two or three seat sofas.
The name ‘Swell’ refers to how the shapely and curvy design resembles rising bread.  The soft, rounded silhouettes of the Swell sofa make it appealing and inviting to sit on.

Refined industrial design is brought to life with Hans Hornermann’s  Case collection. This collection of coffee tables, in aluminium and oak, interprets the classic nesting tables. Their youthful and functional form represents the design approach that is designer Hans Hornemann’s signature. With their delicate symphonies of colour the Case coffee tables bring a minimalistic colour into your décor.

A contrasting mix of materials and a minimalist idiom can be found in the Jalousi collection. Its versatile collection can be used anywhere storage is required; from ring binders in an office environment to storage of glass in the dining room.  The sources of inspiration for designer Simon Legald came from watches, conveyor belts and 50s furniture. Legald has created a contemporary collection of storage furniture, interpreting the classic roll-front cabinet.

The Rope modular sofa is characterised through its softly rounded and minimalistic silhouette. It combines traditional upholstery techniques with a personal expression of flexibility and comfort.
Designer Hans Hornemann has highlighted the distinct character and minimalistic details of Rope in an understated way, by utilising dimensions and curves.

Kabino is a series of versatile and functional furniture pieces. Designer Simon Legald has created an urban, industrial look by using a minimalistic idiom, with well-considered details and materials.
The steel doors and drawers give an integrated expression, while a frame of ash adds warmth and exclusivity. Kabino is a useful furniture collection for almost anywhere in the home.

Ancient three-dimensional wooden brain teaser puzzles is the inspiration for the Ding table. The three oak legs are assembled without screws and tools of any kind and when constructed, constitute a sculptural knot that works as the base for a glass tabletop. Each leg is finished with chamfered edges, making the table stand sturdily on the floor and the round sheet of glass sit solidly on the base.

Normann Copenhagen will bring contemporary, scandic style to your interior.