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Discipline Modern Furniture

Discipline is a fresh, young company, who prides itself on planet sustainability and product longevity. Renato Preti, the founder of Discipline in 2012, states, “The most sustainable thing we can do is make something that lasts forever.”

The individuality of Discipline is exemplified by their central use of natural materials. Discipline make this choice because natural materials are effective, resistant, recyclable, biodegradable and have minimal enviromnental impact when manufacturing. They also assure long-lasting, functional and aesthetic features. By carrying out sustainable production strategies, Discipline create unique items for the home or business interior.

Discipline’s conscious decision to use sustainable materials, including wood, cork and glass, allow them to create unique, durable yet functional collections that are adaptable to any interior. Every material used is produced in Italy and locally sourced, they pride themselves on using natural techniques as often as they can.

Discipline do not create sustainable products simply because they are environmentally friendly; it creates sustainable products because they are appealing to the eye, last longer and are ergonomically pleasing.

To aid in their mission to create authentically durable products, Discipline have collaborated with several designers from across the world, 14 from 8 countries to be exact. Many are well renowned; Ichiro Iwasaki, Nendo and Lievore Altherr Molina to name a few, whilst also bringing onboard up and coming new, fresh artists. Their creations can be found in over 24 countries.

By using essential and authentic design, Discipline are able to generate a sense of familiarity, yet of surprise and emotion, in line with Italian quality and style. Their values and creations combined allows the buyer almost to become a part of the Discipline family; by sharing a sense of belonging and identity.

Discipline combines the simple, clean style of New Nordic design with a touch of Italian flair – the more colourful and emotional elements of the traditional Italian aesthetic.