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Harto Contemporary Furniture

Founded in 2011, Hartô, a Parisian design studio, specialise in promoting the talent of designer creations. Hartô work closely with designers throughout the end to end creation process, so that you can have these design pieces in your own interior.
Entrepreneur, Alexandre Mulliez, who founded Hartô and launched the very first collection of the brand, met the artistic trio Pierre-François Dubois, Pauline Gilain and Julien Phedyaeff. From there they began creating clever and colourful furniture and home décor designs ranging from carpets to lighting. Hartô is a story about entrepreneurship and design.
In order to achieve the perfect balance between ingenuity and aesthetics, each item they produce comes from a long journey where designers and craftsmen work together, all the while bringing you originality and high quality.
By offering such a wide range of products Hartô can give you a distinctive look for whatever interior design need you may have, all carrying the level of finish and high quality which has become the hallmark of Hartô products.